Seriously, does anybody watch 3D movies?

I mean, apart from 14 year olds trying to cop a feel who have no actual interest in watching the movie, does anybody watch 3D movies?

I confess, I did go to see Avatar when it first came out. Not least because I had a voucher for a free movie that I needed to use, but yeah, I was genuinely interested. The thing is, the technology was kind of ok, definitely better than it used to be, but even so a shit movie is still a shit movie.

Now amount of technical whizz-bangery will make up for a shitty storyline and bad directing (seriously James, if you took guiding your actors even half as seriously as you do the tech, you’d be one of the best directors ever instead of just one of the best paid).

Anyway, that was a movie that was custom-built to be in 3D from the start up. James Cameron wanted to use the movie as a vehicle for the new technology and planned the whole thing every step of the way to make it as compelling as it possibly could. In other words this was meant to be the absolute best case scenario for how good a 3D movie could possibly look.

And it looked pretty good. But it wasn’t great. It didn’t make the movie better and it has done absolutely nothing to convince me to see another 3D movie since. And that’s without counting the situation that no other movie since has been made to make as good or better use of the technology.

In other words, I can’t understand why the fuck anybody is persisting with this bullshit.

But then again Hollywood has firmly planted its collective head in the sand for the last few years, pretending that the world won’t change and definitely ignoring the fact that it has already changed significantly.

Fuck Hollywood and fuck 3D. Not that I have opinions.

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