I don’t care what you think about climate change

See it doesn’t fucking matter if it’s real or not. It makes no difference if it’s naturally occurring or man-made. And fuck you all for having the wrong fucking argument. The point here is that we have an opportunity to make a great leap forward in human innovation and technology.

This is the kind of shit that happens when people set ridiculously difficult goals for themselves as a society and then commit to achieving and exceeding them. Do you have any idea how much current technology came directly as a result of Kennedy saying something as stupid as “in ten years we will land a man on the moon.”???

Seriously, harden the fuck up people. We’ve got a chance to push ourselves to invent and discover new energy alternatives, new efficiencies in power distribution and generation, new methods of transport. Fuck, maybe we’ll finally nail teleportation. Maybe we’ll learn how to actually terraform a planet… fucking cool. We could move people to Mars.

The point is that we’re sitting here currently spinning our wheels as a society, and we’re not pushing ourselves to any great new heights. We’re just looking for more “friends” on various social networks and better pictures of cute cats doing stupid things with inane text over them. That’s fucking bullshit.

So stop fucking bitching about carbon taxes and whether or not climate change is your fault. Fucking contribute something of value. Come up with a viable idea for travel at as close to the speed of light as possible. Develop a new way to scrub carbon from the atmosphere and turn it into fucking coal or diamonds or some shit. Work out how to restore the Amazon quickly. DO SOMETHING USEFUL.

And fuck you all.

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